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The Company

G-tek Australia Pty Limited (G-tek) is the result of a merger in early 2002 between two an industry leaders, Geophysical Technology Limited (GTL) and Explosives and Ammunition Technologies (EXAT) Pty Ltd. EXAT was a specialist provider of unexploded ordnance (UXO) assessment and remediation services to Industry and Government.

Whilst, GTL was pioneer in the provision of Ultra-High Definition Sub-Surface Imaging technologies for Minerals Exploration, and Environmental applications globally.

G-tek operates to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), which were developed to conform to ISO 9001 and the ISO Risk Management system (ISO Guide 51). G-tek systems have been reviewed by the United Nations (Operations) and accredited for unexploded ordnance works on their behalf.

G-tek was a Member of each Australian Department of Defence Unexploded Ordnance Panel (DUXOP) from its inception until its replacement by the DEHP; in September 2008 G-tek became a Defence Recognised Supplier and was subsequently awarded a Letter of Recognised Supply by the Department of Defence.

Gtek Office

       Address: Unit 5K, 256 New Line Road, Dural, NSW, 2158, Australia              Phone: +61 2 9651 6838