munitions solutions

  • Unexploded Ordnance

    Unexploded Ordnance

    Unexploded ordnance may become more sensitive to detonation as they age.

  • Munition Investigation

    Munition Investigation

    On site determinations of munition hazard/non-hazard.

  • Hazard Removal

    Hazard Removal

    Target material hazard reduction and removal.

    Target material can contain munitions and UXO from decades of use.

    G-tek can remove all the potential hazardous munitions from in, around or even under targets to make them safe for maintenance or removal.

  • Ammunition Cache

    Ammunition Cache

    Ammunition burial cache location and investigation using historical research, site assessment and targeted geophysics mapping.

  • Benching


    Deeper UXO targets can be cleared by benching.

    For example, at brownfield sites where deep excavation is required for construction, even the smallest munitions can be effectively cleared.

  • Geophysical Magnetometry

    Geophysical Magnetometry

    Choice geophysical platforms are "tuned" to terrain, target size, composition and geological background.

    Here the wheeled quad-sensor magnetometer has been configured to detect civil war era cannon balls.

  • Geophysical Investigations

    Geophysical Investigations

    Hand carried magnetometer arrays can cope with a wide variety of terrains and vegetation.

  • Geophysical Imaging

    Geophysical Imaging

    ATV towed geophysical arrays can cover large open areas efficiently while still providing extremely high data densities.

    Here the tracks of an ATV 100% geophysical imaging scan are visible from a tidal flat.

  • Geophysical Assessment

    Geophysical Assessment

    Geophysical assessment of the UXO risk level and distribution provides valuable information for hazard management.

  • Industrial Waste

    Industrial Waste

    The geophysical platforms are easily adapted to detect large targets such as buried industrial waste.

  • Recognised Supplier

    Recognised Supplier

    G-tek was a "Defence Recognised Supplier" while that initiative was in place.

    Since that initiative expired G-tek has been granted a Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS)

  • DEHP


    Member of the Defence Environment and Heritage Panel. G-tek is currently certified to perform all 14 UXO services managed by Australian Government Department of Defence.

    More Info Here

  • Dual Emu

    Dual Emu

    Electromagnetics for very small and/or non-steel munition items.

  • Turtle Sanctuary UXO clean-up

    Turtle Sanctuary UXO clean-up

    Bare Sand & Quail Island clean up.

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G-tek's key staff have over 30 years' experience in unexploded ordnance, geophysics and project management for government and commercial clients.

The G-tek team includes geophysicists, ammunition technicians, field operators and supervisors.

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