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  • Historical & Desktop Studies of potentially UXO contaminated areas
  • UXO Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Explosive Ordnance Contamination Assessment and Remediation
  • Explosives and Ammunition Training
  • Community UXO Awareness Programs
  • Safety Support in UXO contaminated areas (Safeguarding)
  • Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of UXO Contamination
  • Ultra-High definition geophysical surveying for Environmental, Engineering, and Archaeological applications
  • QA/QC of site remediation activities through pre & post-activity geophysical surveys
  • Delineation of Landfill Boundaries, Burial Pits and Underground Services (Pipes, Cables, etc.)
  • Site assessment surveys for identification & prioritisation of cleanup areas prior to release
  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation services