munitions solutions


Technical Capacity

As well as the most appropriate team of technical personnel for any Project, G-tek will also apply the most appropriate methodology and technology to the task.

  • Use of "state-of-the-art" geophysical survey hardware, software & methodologies
  • Use of a Quality approach to the management and review of all operations & processes in accordance with IMAS
  • Analysis of the outcomes generated by different weapons systems and gun platforms in different terrain and climatic conditions
  • Computer modelling of Ammunition Impact Effects on different ground types
  • Site analysis of the distribution of ammunition remnants and Impact effects
  • Sub-surface statistical analysis based on the relevant geophysical sampling
  • Analogue sub-surface search utilising magnetometers or metal detectors including target investigation
  • Electromagnetic and magnetic imaging, including computer aided interpretation
  • Providing high degrees of positional accuracy using GPS and DGPS systems to record search areas and located items
  • Development of Conceptual Site Models, Data Quality Objectives and outcomes to IMAS and Auditor requirements
  • Geophysical imaging design, using UXO target modelling and past and future land use characterisation
  • QC of third party data quality, interpretation or technical reports and processes for EOD and geophysics


800px-No106MkIIFuzeRL Diagram

 Model Bomb